Client example 1:

Small Luxury California Pinot Noir Brand

“We must elevate wine quality and brand perception!”

Ten years after establishing their Pinot Noir focused Anderson Valley vineyard, wine club, and brand; it became clear to the owners that if they were to meet both their wine quality and investment aspirations they must elevate wine quality and brand perception.

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Working with Owners, management, and staff; Vinture Consulting led a thorough review of the current business performance and owners objectives; including branding, portfolio, management and team capabilities, estate vineyard and external grape supply, wine production capabilities and winemaking approach. 

Following a presentation of the findings and recommended strategy to the board, Vinture Consulting teamed with the client to drive and deliver the following:

  • Updated brand proposition and portfolio
  • Revised sales, production, and financial plans
  • Redesign of the label and package
  • New wines, wine-styles, and quality targets
  • A new approach to viticulture and winemaking
  • New 3rd party winemaking agreement and external grape contracts

Ongoing involvement included representing the brand to the trade and media, winemaking oversight and direction for all vineyard and winemaking activities and regular attendance at board and management meetings.

Wines released since these actions were taken have been met with extremely positive reviews from consumers, competitions and critics alike.  This has significantly increased brand awareness, PR opportunities, and consumer demand.   Owner's confidence in the brand and their investment is now restored.