Client example 2:

Mid-Sized Premium Global Wine Brand

“We require strong International winemaking partnerships!”

After establishing a progressive International Direct to Consumer and Distribution model based on a highly awarded Australian focused portfolio.  This Australian-Chinese wine business needed strong International winemaking partnerships to take their wine offering truly global.


Vinture Consulting worked with the Owner and Chief Winemaker, to firstly develop a target list of International wines that delivered the client's brand, quality, style and cost objectives.  Then leveraging our International network:

  • Visited potential winery partners to discuss requirements and identify wines for presentation to clients
  • Presented to the client with selected wines and an overview of the partner's capabilities including marketing potential
  • Guided the client through the selection of winemaking partners
  • Negotiated finished packaged wine supply agreements on behalf of the client
  • Established a working relationship between client and partners to deliver each project – finance, production, packaging, marketing, and logistics
  • Supervised blending, finishing, and bottling of wines

Vinture Consulting also provided the client with additional advice and support identifying and reviewing potential vineyard and winery acquisitions in France, Spain, and Portugal

Now with an established network of International winemaking partners, the client is able to offer wines from the world.